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What’s Excessive Use of Force by Police?

California law enforcement officers are only authorized to use force that corresponds to situational demands. Were you physically abused during an arrest? If so, you need to call The Law Office of John Karas immediately. Arm yourself and protect your rights with aggressive and experienced Police Brutality Lawyer. When a police officer discharges his or her weapon negligently or uses excessive force that results in injury or death, the victim’s family has the right to bring a wrongful death claim as well an action for the violation of the victim’s civil rights. Our legal team, has a proven track record to protect your rights from such acts.

The Law Office of John Karas gets involved when officers use violence to punish, intimidate, or inflict pain. Therefore, we have a long record of holding officers accountable for excessive force or outright police brutality. The Law Office of John Karas has secured verdicts and settlements for victims of police brutality. Additionally, we know the tough questions to ask regarding any use of force. Furthermore, we have 32 years of experience as a Police Brutality Lawyer.

Excessive Force used by Police?

  • Police Brutality LawyerChoke holds/take-downs: Some departments forbid certain tactics, but some officers take things too far. Was the technique legal? Was it necessary or gratuitous?
  • Crowd control: Police policy regarding indiscriminate use of rubber bullets or tear gas on crowds or protesters.
  • Handcuffs: We’ve seen cases where handcuffed suspects suffering severe facial injuries when thrown to the ground or streets.
  • Pepper Spray: Why did they use pepper spray? Did pepper spray get in the mouth or nose intentionally? Did officers let up when citizen showed obvious respiratory distress?
  • Police Batons: Did the officers follow procedure (e.g., no blows to the head)? Did the police stop once subdued? Did they break any bones?
  • Tasers: The powerful electrical charge can change heart rhythm and cause heart attacks. Were there any signs of overuse? Was the person posing a real threat? How many times? Were handcuffs on?

In conclusion, we examine whether an objective and reasonable officer in the same circumstances would have acted in the same way, whether the officer(s) followed departmental procedure and whether the suspect was even resisting arrest.

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If you have suffered serious bodily injury as the result of police brutality, or have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one, look to our experienced police brutality lawyers. Consequently, The Law Office of John Karas is well-versed in the laws governing the use of excessive force and other types of misconduct. As well as, helping you understand your rights. To arrange a free consultation about your police brutality case, call us at 714-232-0398 today.

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