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Having a DUI Attorney is vital to protect your rights. Each year, thousands of people are arrested in California for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Intoxicated drivers are estimated to cause the deaths of more than 400 people every year while injuring hundreds more. It is easy to see why law enforcement continues to crack down on drunk drivers. Road blocks, traffic stops and sobriety tests are a normal occurrence on weekends. If you ever get arrested, it is crucial to protect your rights and freedom.

Drunk Driving LawyerDriving under the influence is a serious issue and could leave you facing major penalties. There are specific sets of rules and regulations that must be followed when stopped for a suspected DUI. It is important to determine if your rights were violated in any way. If so, you need to obtain a trusted DUI Attorney, such as John Karas. When you work with him, you will receive a trusted level of representation that specializes in DUI charges.

The Office of John Karas can represent you immediately following your arrest and before your DMV hearing. Many times, we’ve been successful in saving clients’ drivers licenses or (in certain situations) have the case thrown out due to negligence from law enforcement agents. Also if you feel that your rights were violated during your breath or blood tests or if your license has been revoked. In any case, it is very important to let an experience DUI Attorney assess your situation immediately to protect your rights. Attorney John Karas can and will give you the best possible solution concerning your DUI case.

Your Expert DUI Specialist

DUI Specialist John Karas understands the stress that a DUI case can cause. Being accused of DUI charges can potentially change your life in many different ways, all of which you’d be better off avoiding. How would your living and working situations change if you could no longer drive? What if you didn’t have the ability to drive for years to come? A DUI in California can seriously alter your lifestyle and more.

DUI Attorney Strategy

There are many different strategies we can and will use to ensure your victory in a California court of law. It’s a process within the legal world that could make things easier or harder depending on which way that judge and jury ruled. It’s important to keep up to date on these matters. There are conferences and educational events specifically for these matters, and DUI Attorney John Karas stays current and continues to gain knowledge so he can rule in the court room, just like he has for over thirty two years already.

The prosecution is going to be experienced. They’ll take advantage of every weakness, loophole, punitive aspect they can find to try and convict you. They don’t see or treat you as an innocent person who made a mistake, they only view you as guilty. You need a DUI Attorney who isn’t afraid to show these state prosecutor’s who’s boss. California DUI Attorney John Karas knows how to put them in their place and come out on top with your case.

Work with DUI Attorney John Karas

When you work with Attorney Karas, you’ll be working with a trusted and experienced attorney who has secured the best posssible outcomes for his clients for more than 32 years. Mr. Karas proudly represents clients throughout the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego County, CA and will help you as well. He gets that this time in your life is stressful, but it is absolutely necessary that you retain aggressive legal counsel before you’re charged with anything. If you have questions about your particular situation and how working with a trusted California DUI Attorney can help you, contact Attorney John Karas today and let him evaluate your case. You have too much to lose and everything to gain by hiring a top-gun DUI Attorney like John Karas.


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